Tuesday, March 2, 2010

National Nutrition Month

Every year, March is dedicated as National Nutrition Month. National Nutrition month is a national campaign that is designed to not only promote eating and exercising habits but also to increase awareness to the public and media about ADA (American Dietetic Association) as a reliable source of food and nutrition information. This year's campaign is titled "Nutrition from the Ground Up." ADA has encouraged dietitians to write what that slogan means to them. Well, for me, nutrition from the ground up means "filling our plates" with the basics-whole natural food from the earth and then as needed or if needed adding commercially prepared foods. When devising a meal plan for my clients i encourage as much consumption from natural foods as possible. Listed below are five steps that will help you eat healthfully.

1. When it comes to fruits and vegetables fresh is best but frozen and canned are suitable options too! Aim to consume 2 cups of fruit a day! Shoot for at least 2-3 cups of vegetables a day!

2. Whole grains, whole wheat pasta, brown rice are all excellent sources of the whole grains we need to promote growth and well being.

3. Don't forget dairy! Two to three servings of Low fat milk, low fat cheese or low fat yogurt will ensure you are getting the calcium and vitamin d that you need.

4. Choose 5-6 ounces of lean meat, chicken, fish, beans per day to help you to build strong muscles.

5. Fat found in nuts and oils are also essential to a balanced diet just watch your portion size since they are calorie dense.

Be sure to include physical activity into your schedule! Best of luck on building your health "from the ground up."

See www.eatright.org/nnm for more information.

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